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Hetero Labs | Walk-in interview for Freshers in AR&D on 27th Feb 2021
Optrix Labs | Walk-in for Production/QC/AR&D on 28th Feb 2021
Geltec Pharma | Walk-in interview for AR&D and FR&D on 27th Feb 2021
Jodas Expoim | Walk-in for Production/AR&D/Warehouse on 24th&25th Feb 2021
Maithri Labs | Urgent openings in AR&D Dependent at Hyderabad
Sai Life Sciences | Walk-in interview for AR&D on 13th Feb 2021
Granules Pharma | Walk-in interview for Freshers on 11 & 12th Feb 2021
API Pharmatech | Freshers and Expd in Analytical R&D at Hyderabad | Send CV
Aspiro Pharma | Walk-in interview for AR&D at Hyderabad on 31st Jan 2021
LAXAI Life Sciences | Walk-In for CRO R&D / AR&D / Process R&D on 30th Jan 2021
Rakshit Pharma | Production/QA/EHS/R&D on 16th Jan 2021
Rakshit Pharmaceuticals | Walk-Ins for Production/Engg/R&D/AR&D/CQA on 9th Jan 2021
Rampex Labs | Walk-in interview for Production/R&D/AR&D on 9th Jan 2021